What Jaq's Going To List On The Divorce Decree

It's happened. My wife discovered my blog. All day long she's all "Who's this MPolgara lady? Who's this Dolly woman? Who's this Arsi chick?" Laughing was a bad idea.

I corrected her mistake and told her MP's no lady, but she says that just makes it worse.

Let's play "What's Jaq Going To List On The Divorce Decree."

Well, there's my plea for naked photos, followed by my follow-up thank you post. There's my ode to hbomb's beauty and my anti-dog rant posted, coincidentally, the same week she brought home puppies.

There's my list of top ten sexy men and women (but I've already wisely edited her younger sister's name from the list) and there's an account of having sex on the beach just two paragraphs after lamenting that I couldn't stare at a naked young woman through binoculars.

Actually, Jaq's cool with all of it because she decided a long time ago to stop paying attention to anything I say. I don't mean that in the whiny "my wife doesn't listen to me" sense but more in the "she understands that I am insane" sense. She's always saying "I didn't marry you for your brains, dear. In fact, I didn't marry you for your body, either. Why the hell did I marry you again? Oh yeah. Your vast earning potential."

I'm doomed.

She's just started a blog of her own. I asked her if I could link to it and she said "HELL NO!" So, naturally, I've chosen to disrespect her wishes. So far she hasn't posted any top-ten-sexy-men lists. That's probably a good thing, because it would either be filled with people completely unlike me (good looking folks) people who look just like me (Carrot Top and Pee-Wee Herman) or Scientologists.

Those of you with significant others (or who can imagine the idea): Would you let your partner read your blog? Do you edit yourself before typing, just in case, or do you let it all hang out?
So far, everything I've ever written has passed the Cassandra test. She has yet to review my diatribe on the pitfalls of public transit, though, so no comments are available on her reaction to my observation of the "hot chick".

Knowing her, though, I'd think I'd get off easy: a quick kick in the shin, followed by concurrence of opinion that yes, in fact, that chick is kinda hot. Of course, only one of us would be wondering where she got those sexy shoes.

Cassandra, on the other hand, would be wondering where hot chick got that skirt.
I found out my husband had a blog when someone else linked to it from theirs :D I already know who is on his list of sexy women though, as well as pretty much everthing else going on in his life, so not much excitement in reading his blog. :) I do read it to find out what's going on with his job though. We don't talk about work crap, it ruins the mood. So his blog is useful to me in that, if he is in a bad mood, I check his blog, see that he had a shitty day at work, and give him some chill time, and a back rub, then do something goofy (like wearing my bra on my head) to make him laugh. All in all, it can be a useful tool.

I think he reads mine, he left a comment once. Once. :D
Dag! I cannot believe I didn't make the pissed-off wife list! I must be slackin'... :)
"Who's this Arsi chick?"

I like your wife already. :D
I dunno if my husband reads mine or not. He's never said. I don't think there's anything in there that I'd be uncomfortable with him reading, though.
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