Today's philosophy lesson

The world is a set of scales.

In one pan is all the madness, idiocy, sorrow, illness, cruelty, death and suffering of the entire six-plus billion of us. I call this the ugly pan.

In the other is all the joy, love, laughter, sanity, respect, warmth and trust each of us brings to each others' lives. I call this the happy pan.

Odds are, you'll never be rich and you'll never be famous. It's fairly unlikely that you'll have a charitable foundation named after you. You'll probably never be remembered for some GREAT DEED that changed the world. You're probably not a Ghandi or a Mother Theresa. You're just an average mensch.

But you don't need to do great deeds in order to make the world a more pleasant place to live. Every smile you share, every bit of laughter you cause, every time you wave back at the kid in the car beside you, every time you actually listen to someone who has a problem, even if you don't have advice to give, every smile you bring to someone else's face, every dime you see on the street and *leave* there for some child to see and grab, is another pebble in the happy pan.

Keep adding little bits to the happy pan of life, because it really is too short to spend it wallowing in self-pity or yelling at the kids. Before you know it you'll be out of time. If you leave the world a bit better than it was when you came into it, you will have made your mark.

Start right now. Mail me a picture of your tits. I'll smile, and you will have made the world a little bit happier.
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