What weighs 27 ounces but comfortably sleeps three?

This does, and it arrived today. It's over 11 square meters and you can pack it into a one-pound coffee can. The cord and stakes needed to pitch it would weigh more (but we don't use stakes on the beach, we use whatever driftwood and rocks we can find).

The sleeping pad came, too, but I don't have an opinion yet. It's light, sure, but right now it's recovering from the tight rolling they do in the factory. Trying to find a place where it can self-inflate without the cats walking over it was a trick (it's on the closet shelf), but hopefully it will all work out. We'd really like two of them, but we want to test it before getting another.

One really cool thing about MEC is their liberal return policy. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet (obviously), but my shipment came with a "fill this out to return your stuff if you don't like it" form. How freakin' amazing is that? I think I'm a fan.


Tarp camping/Beach camping

This mid-July, Corinne and I will be revisiting Mystic Beach.

We lost our beach camping virginity there six years ago, in a far-too-heavy tent, but haven't been back since. That makes us sad. Don't get me wrong. Our beach camping excursions since then have been wonderful, but we haven't actually hiked in to a site since that one trip. We're looking forward to taking what we've learned in the last six years and putting it to use at Mystic.

We've been experimenting with tarp camping, and have come to the conclusion that it's perfect for our needs -- at least at a beach where bugs aren't a problem. So last week we bit the bullet and bought an MEC Silicone Guides Tarp. It should arrive this week, and I'm looking forward to experimenting with various pitching methods.

Expect pictures.

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New template

Woo. Hoo.

I anticipate renewing my blogging vows this summer, for a few posts anyway. I foresee lightweight camping pictures and HOWTOs. Stay tuned. All two of you.

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