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This doesn't mean we're dating or anything.

Apparently there's some sort of election or something coming up

The Red Sox lost!!

No, not really. But this columnist's analogy between baseball and the US elections is spot on. In a nutshell: Is a pennant race decided by the number of runs scored in seven games, or by the number of games won? Is the presidential race decided by the popular vote or by the number of states won in the Electoral College?

Do read it. It's a short and interesting look at why the popular vote isn't the deciding factor. AND it's from a Florida paper, which might tickle your fancy.

I suppose, now that I've posted something political, I'm obliged to share my opinion on the candidates. [sigh] Okay. Fine. As much as I try to avoid these things, I'll do it. What the hell? I like the one who's for family values and against terrorism. I'd vote for that fellow who wants only the best for his country. You know, the one who's going to turn the economy around and do whatever it takes to see that justice comes to those who harm America. The one who is sensitive to the needs of the poor while ensuring that the hard-working middle class gets a fair shake. The one who is FOR education, FOR growth, FOR uhh... fine weather and FOR baseball. Yeah, that one.

I'm sure you'll agree.


Hi Chicago

Holy crap! Amanda, my new sister, e-mailed a bunch of photos of herself, her mom and one of my brothers. The lucky SOB looks like me! Granted, he isn't a greasy long-hair, but other than that it's remarkable.

It's starting to feel real now. He wrote this evening for the first time, in reply to my introductory letter. Let's see here...

Loves his kids? Check.
Believes his wife is the most beautiful woman on the planet? Check.
Wife's an artist? Check.
Has "a job" instead of a career? Check.
When not thinking about family and money, thinks about hockey and music? Check.
Thinks denim shirts are the height of style? Check.
Has waaaaay too much forehead? Check.

Yup. He's a galoot. All he needs is to learn how to hang a bear bag and he's in!

I've actually got a for-real new set of siblings! How cool is that?


Since I'm talking about family* anyway... I added some more Worthy blogs to the list over there: ---->

Johnny VW

(*The Worth family. Duh!)


I Love These Tests

What kind of girlfriend are you?


you are the original girlfriend. you're always
trying to find new and exciting ways to keep
your relationship alive and may become a bit
annoying to your boyfriend with your constant
attempts, but he loves you all the same. nobody
can match you in his eyes no matter how hard
they try. and you should be proud of who you
are and try not to bother him too too much
about being yourself it doesn't come as easily
to other people as it does to you.


Family Ties

Well. She wrote back. 1500 words of I HATE YOU FOR BEING THE ONE WITH A DADDY!

No, of course not. She had a lot of ugly stuff to say about him, but it's nothing I haven't said already. I responded with my own long letter telling her how little had changed in the last 40 years. Some folks grow up. Others stay the same.

Her mom's life was thrown into a loop. From a sweet little house with a white picket family (I'm terrible at metaphors sometimes) they went to welfare and to the projects in Chicago. She'd quit nursing school to marry him. It took years, but she finally climbed out of that hole and raised some really cool kids.

The doors have been flung open and we're both spilling our guts at each other and catching up on 40 years of history. Slowly, I'm getting to know my sister. Wow.

Though I can barely afford to make it to the other side of the Island half the time, I think It's likely that we'll meet one day. Maybe in Chicago, if they ever take me off the watch-list... :-D I know my way around there a lot better than she knows Canada. It'd be cool. My kids have cousins they never knew about, and vice versa.

I sent her a picture. I wonder if I scared her.

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