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Holy crap! Amanda, my new sister, e-mailed a bunch of photos of herself, her mom and one of my brothers. The lucky SOB looks like me! Granted, he isn't a greasy long-hair, but other than that it's remarkable.

It's starting to feel real now. He wrote this evening for the first time, in reply to my introductory letter. Let's see here...

Loves his kids? Check.
Believes his wife is the most beautiful woman on the planet? Check.
Wife's an artist? Check.
Has "a job" instead of a career? Check.
When not thinking about family and money, thinks about hockey and music? Check.
Thinks denim shirts are the height of style? Check.
Has waaaaay too much forehead? Check.

Yup. He's a galoot. All he needs is to learn how to hang a bear bag and he's in!

I've actually got a for-real new set of siblings! How cool is that?


Since I'm talking about family* anyway... I added some more Worthy blogs to the list over there: ---->

Johnny VW

(*The Worth family. Duh!)
I'm so glad things are going well with the new siblings.. that really great!

Thanks for including me in your list. I just noticed you list by number of letters and then alphabetically. Ha! that's funny :)
Your new siblings getting in touch is pretty amazing, hope it all turns out great.

And you also made me laugh outloud with your little list, thanks. My sis is on her lunch hour and she just gave me a "Wtf are you laughing at." look.
Galoot, we think this is great. We really do. :-)
Wow, that's cool.

I found the guy who married my birth mother so that I wouldn't be born illegitimate earlier this year. He had no idea where she went off to. I shocked him I think.
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