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The Frappr widget I used to keep in the sidebar has been removed. I love your pretty faces, but it was slowing down the page loading time way too much. The Worthmap is still accessible in the links section, however.

No new developments as far as my back is concerned. I still walk hunched over like an old man and I live for ice-packs and painkillers.



Oh, that lying bastard's still at it

Can You Make Cute Little Pictures With Your Liver Spots?

Well? CAN YOU?!


They're rioting in the streets

Oops. They're not.

In other news, I'm sure the few who read this damned thing already know about The World's Smallest Political Quiz, but perhaps the ones who stumbled here via the next blog button haven't. So? Do you lean left or right? Or do you find the words "liberal" and "conservative" too restrictive to define where you stand? Take the quiz. It only takes a minute.

Three guesses what I am. :D


An open letter to Larry, and other active Americans

It's sad to see what was once a great country spiraling down the toilet. Understand that my frustration isn't personal and that my anger isn't directed toward you. I'm rather surprised that you would read my words to mean that I consider all Americans, including you, sheep. I don't. I only consider the majority of them so. I lay no guilt at your feet.

I understand that some Americans protest. My concern is that not nearly enough do so. I understand that some Americans write letters. My concern is that not nearly enough do so. I understand. I do. I'm not holding the active ones responsible for the inaction of others. I'm holding the inactive ones responsible. Your country and your government are still driving toward a cliff due to their inaction.

Yes, I admit being hard to please. When young Americans are dying overseas in their effort to kill young Iraqis, it's hard to see anything but blood (unless its oil). When your rights are being eroded daily by the administration, it's hard to see anything but red.

My point is that you must all march. You must all protest. You must all write. And you must keep doing do.

The government is supposed to represent you. If support for Bush is as low as the polls show, how is it that he can continue? He has broken your laws, yet he has not been removed from office. He has broken international laws, yet he remains.

Am I advocating climbing a water tower with a rifle? Of course not. Do I think a second American Revolution is the solution? I'll hedge and say that I hope it doesn't come to that. The government has seized far more power than they are constitutionally allowed, and it will likely take longer to wrest it from their hands than it took for them to grab it.

Truth be told, no, I don't think the Democrats are much better. Perhaps the current crop is less malignant, but I wouldn't bet more than a buck on it. I think that, by the time most any politician gets to the level Bush is at, he's open to pretty much anything.

My respect for you runs deep, and I, too, would go far out of my way to buy you a beer. Please don't feel defensive over my attack of your neighbours. Instead, feel angry that they aren't doing much more than drinking beers while they wait for the pretty lights and The Pops to play on Tuesday night.

Still no news

Your search - "americans marched" "in protest" - did not match any documents.

I'll check again tomorrow.

Nothing but talk

Larry has, rightly, accused me of overgeneralising in my condemnation of Americans. Of course there are citizens unhappy with the turn the country has taken.

Every day I see them marching in the streets by the millions. I see them writing so many letters to their representatives that the post office can't keep up. I see the ones in uniform refusing to fight. I see Americans refusing to board planes under such restrictions, putting economic pressure on the airlines themselves. I see Americans walking off the job. I see mass dissent, an uprising, a refusal to allow this insanity to continue. And I've seen it every day since the spring of 2003, when America invaded a country on false pretenses. I've seen it every day since October 2001, when the Patriot Act was signed into law.

No, wait. I haven't.

There are 300,000,000 of you. I don't see a significant number of you doing much of anything. You write articles, you complain on Usenet or in blogs, and you chat about it around the watercooler. But if half or more of you feel so strongly about this, why don't I see 150-million of you doing anything other than talk? Why does one angry mother make the news when she camps out in front of the Whitehouse? Because she's unique.

How strongly do you people really feel about the abuses your government perpetrates against you and against foreigners? Not strongly enough. Your government has been screwing you and the rest of the world since 2001. It's 2006. Five years. They're still doing it, and you're still talking about it.

Planning to vote them out in 2008, if you can and if they let you? How nice. So we can count on you to accept your criminal government for at least two more years, then. In the meantime, if you succeed, do realise that all you'll be doing is handing the same illegal powers that Bush has been grabbing since 2001 to a Democrat. Don't worry. I'm sure a Democrat wouldn't abuse them.

Yes, I agree, there are Americans who shouldn't be lumped in with the rest of the bunch. Every so often you'll spot one or two on the news.

DO something. YOU. Don't wait for your neighbours. Don't let a few brave individuals fight your battle. Fight it yourself. You're at least 150,000,000 strong. That's a lot of people just talking.

March. Strike. Refuse.


You're so blind

America is run by thugs and you really don't give a damn, do you? The president is shitting on the constitution and breaking international law. He never stops lying, but nobody on the planet seriously expects he'll ever be impeached for it. While bemoaning the crimes of power hungry dictators and calling for their heads, not even the most naive person believes Bush will ever be tried for his own crimes against humanity.

Fucking American hypocrites.

I was raised to love America by American parents, just like you were. I wept when the planes hit. I expected my country to weep, then to heal. Never in a million years did I expect that my countrymen would throw away their American ideals. Never did I expect them to let the country turn into that which it had fought against for so long. Never did I expect Americans to hand over their rights, wholesale, and to look the other way while their President trampled the rights of others. Never did I expect Americans would allow themselves to be led by the nose into needless wars by such blatantly obvious opportunists.

I'm an American citizen, but I'm ashamed of the fact. Americans have become blind and America has turned criminal. America has become the evil it once fought. America has turned ugly. America has become leprous, and America makes the rest of the world sick. I'm embarassed by my association with it.

I divorce you.
I divorce you.
I divorce you.

America is not my country anymore. I want nothing to do with it.

I divorce you.
I divorce you.
I divorce you.

The direction your country has taken disgusts me.

I divorce you.
I divorce you.
I divorce you.

You just keep on allowing your leaders to trample your rights and the rights of others. Fill your boots. I'm no longer an American. I'm one of the billions who are disgusted by America and everything it has come to stand for.

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