An open letter to Larry, and other active Americans

It's sad to see what was once a great country spiraling down the toilet. Understand that my frustration isn't personal and that my anger isn't directed toward you. I'm rather surprised that you would read my words to mean that I consider all Americans, including you, sheep. I don't. I only consider the majority of them so. I lay no guilt at your feet.

I understand that some Americans protest. My concern is that not nearly enough do so. I understand that some Americans write letters. My concern is that not nearly enough do so. I understand. I do. I'm not holding the active ones responsible for the inaction of others. I'm holding the inactive ones responsible. Your country and your government are still driving toward a cliff due to their inaction.

Yes, I admit being hard to please. When young Americans are dying overseas in their effort to kill young Iraqis, it's hard to see anything but blood (unless its oil). When your rights are being eroded daily by the administration, it's hard to see anything but red.

My point is that you must all march. You must all protest. You must all write. And you must keep doing do.

The government is supposed to represent you. If support for Bush is as low as the polls show, how is it that he can continue? He has broken your laws, yet he has not been removed from office. He has broken international laws, yet he remains.

Am I advocating climbing a water tower with a rifle? Of course not. Do I think a second American Revolution is the solution? I'll hedge and say that I hope it doesn't come to that. The government has seized far more power than they are constitutionally allowed, and it will likely take longer to wrest it from their hands than it took for them to grab it.

Truth be told, no, I don't think the Democrats are much better. Perhaps the current crop is less malignant, but I wouldn't bet more than a buck on it. I think that, by the time most any politician gets to the level Bush is at, he's open to pretty much anything.

My respect for you runs deep, and I, too, would go far out of my way to buy you a beer. Please don't feel defensive over my attack of your neighbours. Instead, feel angry that they aren't doing much more than drinking beers while they wait for the pretty lights and The Pops to play on Tuesday night.
I've written so many letters to my representatives that I could wallpaper my house. Right now, the only responses I get are from the democrats, who agree with me fiercely, yet continue to pull their same old stunts. Unfortunately, I have yet to protest, and you're right, I should. Will it make any difference? I'd love to say yes, it would. But I'm not so sure. And that's sad. I hope things change, but in reality, I can see us inching closer to the breaking point.
If we successfully impeach Bush, we get Cheney. Or Condy. No one knows the loopholes in our system better than the politicians. Both possibilities, quite frankly, scare me more than leaving Bush in office. He is the lesser of evils, unfortunately. And that's not saying a helluva lot.
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