I Love These Tests

What kind of girlfriend are you?


you are the original girlfriend. you're always
trying to find new and exciting ways to keep
your relationship alive and may become a bit
annoying to your boyfriend with your constant
attempts, but he loves you all the same. nobody
can match you in his eyes no matter how hard
they try. and you should be proud of who you
are and try not to bother him too too much
about being yourself it doesn't come as easily
to other people as it does to you.
here are my results

The perfect girlfriend you love to just hang with your boyfriend and his friends. you don't mind being around guys, infact i bet that most of your friends are guys. your boyfriend should be comfortable with you being around all of his friends because he knows that you can take care of yourself and are very loyal to his love.

Something about this test makes me believe it isn't too scientific.. perhaps it's because they spelled saxophone.. saxaphone ;)
I'm a little 'long in the tooth' for this test, but I took it anyway.

I'm perfect. ;-)

Oh, Eury... since there's so much misspelling on the Internet anyway, I like 'sexophone' because that instrument is just soooo nice. :-)
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