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I can look at a beautiful (but stupid) person all day long. Longer if I've had lots of coffee. But if that person opens their mouth and says something moronic, my interest goes... well, limp. On the other hand, I can spend the same amount of time talking to someone whose conversation is funny, engaging, sarcastic (sarcasm's sexy if done right) and intelligent and not give a rat's ass what they look like. Male, female, fat, thin, tall, short, straight, bent, gay... who cares?

It's the brain that makes the person. Whether you're drop-dead-sexy or wire-brush-ugly, if you find the majority of people are staring at your tits or crotch you're not talking smart enough. Or you're talking smart to a stupid person, thus wasting your breath.

Now, hb doesn't have comments enabled and she doesn't have a way to link to individual posts that I could find. So you'll have to seek out her May 2nd entry yourself to see what I'm talking about. But if you don't think hb is one of the most attractive people in this particular social club we call home, you're royally screwed up.

As for YOU, girl, if you've let your self-esteem become entangled with how others see your meatshell, you're not half as smart as I like to think you are. Phbbbbllltt!!

But what do I know? I'm a fucktard.
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