The Google Code

Google's "Feeling Lucky" button:

The #1 hit for "0" is Business 2.0 Magazine (WTF?)
The #1 hit for "1" is VH-1
The #1 hit for "2" is Internet2.edu
The #1 hit for "3" is 3Com, the network people
The #1 hit for "4" is Channel4.com
The #1 hit for "5" is Winamp.com
The #1 hit for "6" is Apple's QuickTime download page (I don't get it. Isn't it at v7 now?)
The #1 hit for "7" is the Netscape browser page (I don't get it. Isn't it at v8 now?)
The #1 hit for "8" is Super 8 Motels, Inc.
The #1 hit for "9" is MichaelMoore.com

Remember this. It's important. There is a secret hidden in Google.

One is not the loneliest number. One has more friends than any other digit. The loneliest number is zero. Google says:

"0" has 7,110,000,000 hits
"1" has 19,090,000,000 hits
"2" has 16,200,000,000 hits
"3" has 14,260,000,000 hits
"4" has 12,740,000,000 hits
"5" has 12,510,000,000 hits
"6" has 10,310,000,000 hits
"7" has 9,590,000,000 hits
"8" has 9,400,000,000 hits
"9" has 8,710,000,000 hits

However, if you order the digits in the above list by their frequency, ("0" appears 74 times, "1" appears 11 times, etc.) you will get 0192475638.

According to Dan Brown, an important scholar, the number 0192475638 features prominently in Botticelli's work (when viewed upside down through leaded glass while immersed in salty water). Think how many of his paintings feature round shapes ("0") or 1 or 9 or 2 or 4 or 7 or 5 or 6 or 3 or 8 figures. It's obvious if you know what to look for.

As any art student knows, even though it's a closely guarded secret that nobody knows, Botticelli was once the leader of Morbus Orientalis; a secret society that fought (and still fights) against world domination by Eastern Europeans. He also wore women's clothing.

As any half-way intelligent symbologist will tell you, the M.O. symbol is two interlocked rings overlaid with the letter "R".

Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page are also members. Look at their names. The letter "R" appears twice in both of them. They chose the name "Google" rather than the more proper "Googol" because the letter "O" appears twice in the former. The "O"s together, combined with the letters "R" in their names, is evidence of their affiliation with Morbus Orientalis.

This explains why the number 0192475638 can also be derived from the Google search results. They're trying to warn us.

Remember the first list?
So, as you can see, Botticelli, Google, AOL, 3Com, Steve Jobs, Super 8 Motels and countless others are all trying to subtly warn us against the Eastern European conspiracy.

Uncover your eyes!
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Did you think this up yourself?

If so, why are you still scraping paint?
Oh looty, you are just loads of fun. :-)

loot, that was awesome... but it's missing one digit!! Yes, one more digit and it would be a UK telephone number!!! Find me one more digit, and I will call the number... I suspect it will be the Embassy of some East European country :O
I can't openly post the digit, d60. A guy can only go so far before... well, you know.

But there are clues in here. "Two" interlocked rings in the "3Com" logo. Now you've only got two possibilities to check out. But, please, if you do decide to make the call, tell me first so I can delete this post.
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