I Don't Know How to Wipe My Ass

Sorry. Been busy this week. No time to write for free when I could be making $1.25 an hour. If anyone ever tells you the psychic racket is a good way to get rich, kick them in the sack.

So, rather than supply my own comedy (as if), I thought I'd link you to the funniest rant I've read in at least a year, some random thoughts by Nick. 90% of you have probably read this a dozen times already, and voted unanimously to make Zuck a juror as a direct result, but I just got around to it. Dayum, I'm slow.

Note: I'm only linking to this because I'm a homophobe who might be a repressed homosexual who brandishes reverse psychology to pose as a liberated straight guy. Or something. I haven't been sure ever since I lost my "spank me" crop top in the hot tub.
Dude...you never answered my question AND, now I've had several people over my house as a witness to your psychic toilet destroying skills.
What's a "spank me" crop top ??

Oh, and answer Dolly's question. :D
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