Brokeback Barge

A guy gets lonely working on boats all day. Don't judge me because I have urges.

No, wait. That's for my other blog, the one you don't know about. This post is about work injuries.

I slipped and fell this morning, landing on my back. When I tried to get up I only made it halfway vertical before realizing I had a problem. The first aid guy poked at me and told me to go to the clinic. The doctor poked at me and told me to stay home for a few days and go for X-rays on Monday if it doesn't ease up.

It's not easing up yet. I still can't stand straight without gasping and turning pale. The painkillers only help a little.

I'm pissed at my oafishness. This is my second injury working for the same company, both of which were caused by my dumb feet not doing what I tell them to. I'm worried that the boss will pass me over when the next boat comes in. "Let's see, there's this guy or this guy. They both work hard, but one keeps falling down and getting hurt." Which one would you pick?

Still, I'm enjoying the weekend off, even if it means sitting here hunched over like Eye-gor from Young Frankenstein. It's a chance to catch up on my sleep. We'll see how it goes after that.

Oh yeah. I paid for all-day parking then went home two hours later. Now THAT pisses me off.
Feel better, dude.
Get better, 'Loot!
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