I went to see my doctor about my back. He didn't tell me anything I don't already know. He's scheduling me for a CT scan some time later to learn more (or to learn that there's nothing new to learn), he recommended a physiotherapist (who can't see me until June 27th), and he refilled my prescriptions (which don't do much more than knock me out).

As it stands right now, I'm no longer working on the boats that are in, and if this thing doesn't clear up soon I may never work there again. At the shipyard, "light duty" work is pretty much non-existent. :(

It's only been a week tomorrow, but I'm already starting to lose patience. WTF is going on? Can it be fixed, will it heal on its own, or should I start shopping around for a cane and a scooter? If it's fixable, will it get better soon enough for Jaq and I to go on our hikes this summer? Damn, I hope so. We've been looking forward to this for a year. If it's not fixable, will WCB cover me? If not, what will I do for a living when damned near everything is painful?

Christ. I wish I drank.
Back problems are no fun. It litterally effects everything. I hope that it all gets resolved soon.
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