I know a couple of you are running Ubuntu. Are you running it optimally?

Type this at the command line:
     uname -a
If you see a string like "2.6.12-10-386" there, but you're running anything more recent than a Pentium Pro, you could probably do something to make Ubuntu a whole lot zippier. The more up-to-date your processor, the more difference choosing the appropriate kernel will make.

Read this Ubuntu Forums thread to find out how to speed things up fast enough that you can feel it.
Dude!!! Thanks for that! I checked the laptop (PIII-650) and it has 386... The PC is running something on Winders now, but I'll check it out when it's done. I'm "sudo apt-get install linux-686" on the laptop now and will "sudo apt-get install linux-k7" on the PC!

Let me know how it works out, Johnny.
It worked great! The laptop (PIII-650/192MB) showed the most improvement with the 686 kernel. I just did the Athlon T-Bird 1.4 with the K7 kernel and things are loading quicker and refreshing faster! Thanks, brother!

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