Galootix, for geeks

I write entirely too much about geeky stuff. Sorry.

I'm starting another blog specifically about Linux/Ubuntu/FOSS/Security Rants/Retro-Gaming/Opera and all the other stuff I've been going on about here to the exclusion of writing about real life.

Hopefully, spinning off "Galootix" will let me get back to talking about all that interesting stuff I used to write about here (I need sarcasm tags) so I don't bore the 99% of you who don't give a rat's ass about all the computing crap. Insted, I can bore you with stories about bears again. If I come across something that's relevant to a lot of people I'll mention it on both blogs.

Galootix will also allow me a place to jot down little things about Linux and computing in general that wouldn't be worthy of a full-fledged blog entry here (like this). Sort of an open, ramblingly random notebook.

Over the next few days I'll be porting most of my geekier posts over to the new blog. I won't be removing the content from Terrible Things, I'll just be copying it over. Only after the copy job is done will I start adding original content. That way, all two(?) of you who actually care about this stuff won't have to go hunting through posts you've already read to get to the new articles.

Galootix should be ready for new content by Monday so, if you're interested, that's when to start reading. If you plan on using an RSS reader to keep up to date with the blog (and why wouldn't you?) the address for it is http://galootix.blogspot.com/atom.xml.

This may be the beginning of a slow death for both blogs as I never have much to say. Guess we'll see, huh?
Well, thank goodness I won't need to read this blog again!
You've made me cry.
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