I just heard from Larry. He can't talk them into bringing me over right now. They're perfectly willing to bring in non-union guys, but they'd rather bring 'em in through a temp agency. This, despite the fact that their turnover rate with temps is astronomical. In the 11 days I was there earlier this month I must have seen at least forty temps stay only long enough to collect a week's worth of beer money. Only two stayed on for longer than a week. Only one was there through the whole period.

He sounds as frustrated as I feel.

They're already late with this job, and it doesn't look like they'll meet even their revised schedule if they won't bring in people Larry can count on.

He predicts they'll figure this out at the last possible minute and finally agree to bring in whoever he wants. If I haven't already found work by then I'll go over, but if I have then they're SOL. He'll understand, and he'll gleefully say "I told you so" to their faces when the late penalties start kicking in. I love that sour old guy.

Despite being on the hunt for work again, the good news is that I can count on at least a few more (maybe a lot more) days at home and have a chance to shake this silly flu without sniffling and coughing into a respirator or having to quickly exit the bowels of the ship in order to void my own.

Damned flu.
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