23 days and 16 hours since my last reboot. Linux rules! Of course, I came from Win98. Maybe XP is better in that regard.

Ubuntu's default file explorer (like Windows Explorer) is called Nautilus. It's a small thing, but it's really cool that you can highlight a file that's in the middle of downloading and watch the file-size increase on the status bar. Maybe XP does that too and I don't know about it, but it's new to me. I don't have to hit refresh to see changes in a folder or file as they occur. Neat!


I don't know if you spotted the deskcam over there in the menu, or if you even care. I was looking for a way to do for Linux what SCWebCam does for Windows, and I discovered this pair of scripts that neatly handle the job. Adding the timestamp on the bottom is fairly simple, too.

It doesn't automatically refresh (yet), but if you hit F5 often enough you might catch me staring at the asses of Worth.


My job is starting to wind down for the summer, and I'll probably be looking for something new by October. Hopefully I won't have to relive my old Wal-Mart days. Yeeugh.
For the Trump-Deprived
IT is impossible to read Donald Trump's blog without hearing his voice and picturing him typing away in his Turnbull & Asser pajamas, sleep still in his eyes.
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Only five hours ago did I first read about Blogspot's word verification feature. I thought, "nawww, I haven't had my blog spammed yet! Why bother?"

Thanks for answering my question so quickly, spammer. Very helpful of you.
Heh... Yeah, I got slammed by these weenies a week ago and had to turn on the word verification. Six spam-comments within an hour. Sad and pathetic little loosers, aren't they?
Bah. That's nothing. I just found one on my blog for a phone sex hotline. Guess who's havin fun tonight? Only $4.99 a minute. :D
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