If you shoot a creationist...

...before he has children, then go on to have kids of your own, does it prove that evolution works?

Intelligent design - coming to a school near you.
You might be amused by this article, too. Not sure if you have to register for access (I'm registered there); if you do, bugmenot.com is your friend.
The best response so far has been the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
See this Wikipedia entry.
It's also all over Boing Boing. Follow all the links: this is hilarious, and better for our health than fuming about stupidity.
Thanks for the links, guys. The LA Times article is free at the moment, but I do loves my bugmenot.
I thought you'd like a look at this article as well while you're at it. Long Live the Flying Spaghetti Monster! Who said living in the bible belt wasn't fun? I'm gonna buy me a t shirt and wear it when I have to fight the school board on this.
5X2P has posted this at Worth; probably you will be interested...

AdiĆ³s muchacho... ;)
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