Okay, Mike.

It's not fun anymore. It's scary. Crypt-Keeper scary.

I just feel sorry for him. He's such a tortured soul, to be doing that to himself. I just hope he gets the help he obviously needs.
You have to wonder if he wakes up in the morning, looks in the mirror and thinks "Yeah! That's the way I like it!"
Neverland Ranch is not far from us, and that trial is all over the news here, and the local DJ's are having a field day.

His ex-wife lives in Beverly Hills (unbelievably wealthy suburb) and she has received a cool million dollars a year to NOT talk about him.

I think it's very odd that only now... is she concerned about her two children... who've always lived with him.

Oh, well. People! ;)
Sad but true...
Maybe he should just grow his hair longer to cover his face... then again, maybe he should just go into hiding and write music, or even record it, just nothing in front of a camera.

PS kirby, I like your hat!
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