I dream about Worth1000 sometimes. Why not? It's the only site I spend any time at. Since my life is basically spent in front of the computer, clicking on a button until some sucker asks a question, one can safely say that Worth1000 is a big part of my life. That's sad, innit? But if I had to pick a web site to say that about, Worth1000 is the one I'd point to.

Oh yeah. Dreaming. I dreamed about Worth1000 the other night. (Why am I saying "Worth1000" so much instead of "W1K" or just "Worth?" For Google, that's why.) Anyway, in the dream there was supposed to be a user meet in Victoria. All the Pacific Northwest people were supposed to gather on the Island here, and it was up to me to show everyone around.

I don't know why I volunteered for tour-guide duty. I've only been here four years, and I sure as hell don't know my way around Victoria. It's on the tip of the Island and I'm in the middle.

So I'm expecting to meet meowza and MPolgara and hbomb and Tiddlycove and Arcaydia and lord knows who else at this coffee shop. I arrive early and sit there. I wait. I wait some more. I stare out the window.

Nobody's coming.

Wait! Who's that in the distance? I'd know those boob... er, I'd know that long hair anywhere! It's MP! Yay! Beside her is someone shorter with glasses on. She looks mad about something. Ah, that must be hbomb.

They enter the restaurant, spot the guy with the hair, and come over to the table.

"Galoot! Nice to finally meet ya. How ya doin'?" MP gives me a big hug and I blush and mumble something or other.

"You are Galoot, right?" hbomb says.


"Huh. Well, you don't look as stupid in your pictures."

I'm still flustered from the MP hug, so I don't really know whether or not that's a compliment. While I'm trying to figure out how to respond, hbomb punches me in the stomach.

I double over, gasping for breath.

"C'mon, sissy boy! Can't take it?" She starts yelling. "What are you some sort of pansy ass cupcake?" And she pushes my chair over with her foot. I topple to the floor.

I'm lying there curled up and clutching my stomach, trying to catch some air when she says, "I sure like you, Galoot. You know how to have fun."

"Thanks," I croak.

That's when I woke up. Now I'm no psychologist, but it seems to me that I either:

a) Fear hbomb or
b) Have a fetish I never knew about until just now.

The obvious choice is "fear." So why am I still hoping for a Worthmeet on the Island?
It's finally letting me post!

I am not short, or fiesty, or violent. You make me sound like some female midget wrestler. I only wear my glasses when I'm reading or on the computer.

I am taller than MP, she'll tell you. But even CCZ was surprised, he'd pictured us opposite, I suppose.

You'll just have to wait until you meet me. Those that have met me have either been surprised or disappointed. And I can never tell which.

And I would never, EVER hit you

...especially if I thought you were enjoying it.
One dream theory says that every character in your dream is a representation of yourself.
So, you would first be comforted by your inner MP, which is a way to say: you are going to be kicked, but it's for your own good.
Then Heather would represent your inner writer, a natural for any Worther.
So you are be kicked hard by your inner writer, which would mean clearly: write more! write now!
Which you did by telling this dream, so: it worked!

I think I am better to start writing before I have one of these horrible nightmares.
It's true, bomb is taller than me. But the rest of it sounds about right. :D

Great post, 'Loot. It made me laugh... hardily!!
I've never dreamed of hb and mp, but I have occasionally deamed of worth happenings.

That was a lovely dream though. And how much does it cost to be included in the next installment of your worth dreams?
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