More bears

Last night, while pretending not to watch the news, I stepped out for another cigarette. Now the bears don't even wait for the town to go to sleep. It was bloody nine o'clock! Sheesh! Right there, a block away, a bear ambled across the street from one yard to the next.

They're getting bolder, coming out that early. That's six now.

For all I know it's just one or two bears that happen to like my neighborhood, but I'm betting there are close to a dozen in town now for me to be seeing them this often.

Poor bears. This is a logging community and their habitat is shrinking more every year. They're in town because there's not enough food in the hills to keep them going. The local animal control guy has had to take one down already this year. I wouldn't be surprised to see two or three more shot before the end of their scrounging season. Last year only one got it.

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