Still Not Smoking

Still hating not smoking. Quitting is a "good thing," right?

Stupid drug. Stupid Galoot for starting stupid drug. Stupid world for continuing to turn even while I'm miserable.
Just remember, after you've kicked the habit, you can taunt smokers with your new-found air of smug superiority. ;)

My smug superiority's already well-established. Finding 10,001 ways to be better than other people instead of merely 10,000 isn't a lot of incentive.

But it is something. Thanks.
It gets easier, I swear! .. and when you look back on this in a year, either while off on a vacation or something that you will have afforded because of this really crappy time, you will realize it. Right now, is the hardest part.. get over that and I swear it will be a breeze.
wow good luck on quitting! luv ur blog template although it gives me a bit of a headache!
I admire you greatly. Seriously.
Go, Galoot! FWIW, I'm proud of ya :) And your wife, too!
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