It's always good form to introduce yourself when joining a new community. Someone just signed up for a mailing list I read, succinctly defining herself is very few words:

"Am new. I'm Tracey, christian mom of 3 children, married, live in Texas,where i drive school bus."

My reply, which I'm debating whether or not to send:

"Hi Tracey. I'm Galoot, atheist dad of 4 children. We're winning."


In other news, what the fuck is this?

I saw it in the store last week. No, it wasn't sitting between "Dusting for Men" and "Landscaping for Blacks" on the joke shelf, it was real and unique. What the hell?
Galoot, Tracey is probably from that part of Texas that borders the Bible Belt. (I'm originally from Louisiana which is the not-so-shiny Buckle on that Belt.) Anyway, I said ALL that to say this: Back there, announcing yourself as a 'Christian mom' is just part of the accepted local lingo, unless you're from a large city and those folks are all going to hell anyway. ;)

As far as your "What the fuck is this?"

C'mon, Galoot. Women have been working with Wood-y forEver.
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