The Weather Pixie

The Weather Pixie is some silliness I spotted on hbomb's blog. It's cute. Too cute to put a permanent link in my sidebar, because then people might suspect the crack in my curmudgeonly exterior, but not too cute to make an entry out of it.

The WeatherPixie


Hey, who the hell are you? I can't add you if I don't have a name, and I'm too out of the loop to "just know." :(

Other Worthy additions coming soon.
I stole it from PCs blog - and it's nifty.
It is super nifty, and today I was being anal, and noticed you posted a link to my blog (cash is on the way, sugar), but with *gasp* a wrong link! At least, I think it's wrong. Oh, well. I need to pee now. See what you've done?
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