No, not Jinx as in JinxRLM, the fine Worthian, but jinx as in "you'd better knock wood to cancel out the bad ju-ju."

I've been jinxed. *Someone* (I won't mention the name or even give a hint on gender, but her initials are 'Jaqueline') went and spilled the beans about our plans to quit smoking.

Seeing "we plan to quit" in print is scary. That's, like, committing to something. Ugh.

So this is my knock on wood post. I'm not quitting. I'm "cutting back." Sure, I'm cutting back to zero but I'm not quitting. I'm just, uh... not smoking as much.

If you thought I was a grouch before, just wait until next month. Maybe I'll unplug the modem so I don't lose all my friends or get myself banned from Worth. Maybe I'll sleep in the car while I'm at it. We're *both* doing this, after all.

Actually, I'm sounding a lot more intimidated than I really feel. People a lot weaker than me have done it. People for whom I have little, or no, respect. That'll be my motivator. "If [insert name here] can do this, *I* sure as hell can!" That magic phrase has gotten me past more hurdles than any other. Arrogant? Maybe. Do I care? Heh. Riiiight. I'm too arrogant to care.

Don't wish me luck. You'll jinx me.
You can do it, dammit!! A friend of mine, when 'cutting back' on smoking, figured out how much money per year she'd save on cigarettes....and that helped her...don't know about you, but I thought I'd try! :-)
Best of luck to you and your sweet wife... and I mean that with all sincerity.
Think of yourself as being 'between cigarettes', and keep extending the time. Because the fact is, the desire to smoke can take years to disappear. So get the interval up to a day or two, then a week or two, then 11 years (so far, like me). And luck has nothing to do with it.

- Tiddly
What you need is [URL="http://www.modern-originals.com/produit.asp?PID=2259&TID="]one of these[/URL]

You really can do this. My hubby and I quit smoking 12 years ago.. the only way.. cold turkey.. when you get the urge.. keep yourself busy doing something.. cut your toenails, play hopscotch with your kids or kiss your wife.. the urge to smoke will be gone in a few minutes... and you will be fine.

And if it helps .. If Eury can do this.. *you* sure as hell can...!!!
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