Happy Anniversary, Stupid

Here's to Diana (name changed), who has just finished asking her 200th
psychic question, spending $2000 in the process. Sadly, only a couple of
her questions were "why do I have so little money?" Instead, she's asked
200 questions about at least 40 different men.

Here's some advice, honey. You'll never meet a man who respects you until
you start spending your money on something more worthwhile. Build a castle
out of soda cans. Cover your car in faux fur. Tattoo a giant spider on
your face. Anything would be a better investment than "Readings by

In other news, my son bought himself a new computer, freeing up his old
one which I snatched for a song. So now I'm actually running something
that doesn't crash whenever a light breeze hits the house. It's still way
old by modern PC standards, but it's a bit faster than what I had. I'm
cool with that. Besides, now I can Photoshop again. Look out arsi!

"But, Galoot. What about that PC you were going to get from Randy?"


I can't afford the CPU and RAM. The empty shell is still sitting at his
house. Some day... some day...

You should get a "Buy looty a CPU" donation button. I hear donation buttons are all the rage. All the kids are getting one. ;)

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