We're gonna freeze our asses off

I think I mentioned somewhere that Jaq and I were married at midnight on June 20/21st, beside a waterfall under the full moon. If I didn't, "Jaq and I were married at midnight on June 20/21st, beside a waterfall under the full moon." There.

Anyway, that time of year approaches. This weekend we're going to do the nature thing again, but this time she won't be wearing a wedding dress. We're planning to strap on our backpacks and hike to Mystic Beach for a night under the stars, camping on the sand and sleeping to the sounds of crashing surf.

BOY are we excited.

It'll only be a single night, but it will be the first time we've managed to get away together with just a tent and campstove since we've met. Crazy, given we're both nature freaks who moved to BC in order to be closer to the trees and ocean, but there you have it.

Both of us have done the hiking/camping thing, but it was a few years before we met. The only overnighters we've had together have involved a camper and running water. Obviously we're in worse shape now than we were then (me more than her, what with my computer shackles) so we're starting small. From the trailhead to the beach is only five kilometers or so, or about half the distance a "serious" hiker would do in a day.

If we don't plotz in the middle of the trail, though, we're planning to pick up the pace and make this a far more regular thing. We're really hoping to hike the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail (47 km of easy to medium hiking) later this year or early next year, and the West Coast Trail (twice that distance, and rather difficult) the year after if we can get into shape for it.

We'll be taking the camera, of course. It's a cheapie snapshot POS, though, so I don't hold your breath for beautiful nature photography. I don't know if I'd want to lug our *good* camera over those trails anyway. But we'll see how it goes. I want to get the photos transferred to CD so I can upload a few of them here and convince certain Easterners that BC (or at least Washington) is just as nice an option as Florida. [cough]dolly[cough]. :D

Because it was so long ago since either of us did something like this, half our camping gear has been lost to various garage sales. So... tomorrow - shopping!

Oh yeah. We're celebrating Father's Day on Saturday this year so Jaq and I can leave early Sunday morning. Shopping will be tricky because she's hinted that we "might not need to get everything on the list."

I can see it now. "Honey, we *really want a campstove. Can't go without it."

"Er, I think I can 'borrow' one. And put down that backpack, too." I'll be worried about our equipment until Saturday morning is over.

I could probably type another 5000 words I'm so excited. I'll shut up, though. For now. But you can bet I'll mention it again.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Oops. I almost forgot to say something inappropriate. I hope I can fit the Spin The Jesus boardgame in my pack in case it rains.
w00t sounds like a great time! I love hiking, I HATE camping.

And you said *strap on*

We LOVE camping... haven't done the hiking though. Are you all the way to the west side of BC? (since you mentioned WA)... I'll be looking forward to seeing pictures :)
Yep. We live on Vancouver Island, about midway between Nanaimo and Victoria. There's a nice big lake about a two-minute walk from our front door, and "mountains" all around us. (Mountains is in quotes because they're not what they call mountains in Colorado. There are trees at the top.)
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