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I know a lot of us have only recently added comments to our blogs (heck, many of us only recently created our blogs), but if you use BlogSpot it might be worth your while to chack out the new Blogger comment feature instead of the HaloScan one.

That last bit is nice if you want to know *immediately* when someone comments on your latest entry. You know, if you're vain, self-centered and crave attention like me.

Speaking of vanity, OneStat has a fairly nondescript stats gathering page counter thingy. I saw it on furitsu's page, and it's pretty neat. I stuck one in my template for the hell of it. Because I have BlogSpot set up to create a unique page for each entry, I can see which entries get the most views, too. That's cool. (But I know YOU would use it to see how many times a certain Opera user reads your page. I understand.)

Still speaking of vanity, Taz installed a "5 people are currently viewing this page" thing on his blog. Naturally, I love the shit out of that idea so I stole it, too. It's at the bottom down there. Go to Nerds On Site to get one if that sort of thing appeals to you. They've got a couple other things there, too. But this is the cool one.
The thing I dislike is that It only lets me post as Anonymous or Nicki. While the halo one will let me post as Scarlette. I also can't get my blog to show up on my profile. :(
wonderful wonderful post! bravo! I'm going to nominate this for blog of the year, I'm pretty sure.

/ego stroke


-love kitten
I must have stopped by during a lull in the traffic since I'm the only one here. :D :D
Wait a minute. You mean there was actually 5 people viewing my site at once!? Holy cow!
Very excellent! Thanks for the tip!
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