Ask Galoot

In the spirit of blatant theft, I bring you "Ask Galoot." Yes, it's been done. It's been done better, even. So I'll just put a twist on the idea and claim it for myself (and still be lamer than arsi).

Ask a question in the comments area below. Assuming I feel like it, I'll pick one and answer it. Then ask something else. And on and on and on... Yeah, you can be anonymous. Nobody wants to know about your blistering problem, jago.

This might amuse me. Maybe it'll amuse you, too. If it makes you feel good, pretend I care.

(Note: I won't do the psychic schtick. Don't wanna. I hate it.)
dear 'loot,

why do I keep getting calls from solicitors and telemarketers even though I have protections on my phone and I'm on the no call list? these people are driving me crazy? how can I make them stop?

why do you shiver when you pee?
dear galoot,

why is it winter here when it's summer in australia?

Dear Galoot,

How the hell do you know about that? Stay out of my medicine cabinet.

Sincerely swollen, red, and angry,

Dear Galoot:


When are you going to fix this #*&%^!^* toilte?
When are you going to fix this #*&%^!^* toilet?

heh, I speeled it wrong the first time
Galoot, where did you get the name Galoot? I mean, I really like it. Just wondering.
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