Ask Galoot - The Sequel

Well they've really piled up in the past couple of days. So let's get right down to answering questions, shall we?

Mike starts off with a burning question about urination:
why do you shiver when you pee?
Easy one, Mike. Too much time at the computer. Your mouse hand is getting cold, and when you touch, uh... you know, you shiver. Either get up and walk around a bit before heading to the head or wear mittens when you go. And don't worry about the shrinkage. It's usually only temporary.

Here's a sunny question from someone with xeroderma pigmentosum.
dear galoot,
why is it winter here when it's summer in australia?
You should have paid more attention in high school. Due to the axial tilt of Australia during the southern summer months, it reflects sunlight away into space. Six months later, during the Aussie winter, the country tips back to horizontal and the snow piles up. The situation is reversed in the northern hemisphere, except it's Canada that does the tilting.

Interestingly, countries at the equator, like Equatorland and Equatorvlakia, are always tilted to the vertical. Look at a globe and you'll see. There, the snow *never* has a chance to collect and it's always hot. I looked it up in the CIA World Fact Book and learned that more people burst into flames in equatorial countries than all other countries combined!

Even stalkers have stalkers. Kz asks:

Dollyllama wrote:
I've already asked my question and more than once!!!
Sorry, Dolly. It got lost in the shuffle again. Would you please try again?

And finally, someone named "h" (which coincidentally is the first letter in "HUGGALICIOUS") asks:
Do I or don't I?
At the risk of getting too personal, I think you do. In fact, I think about you doing it a lot. If you don't, you should do so more often. You always do in my dreams. I wonder if you're doing it now. I'll bet you are... I am, too. Getting it published is the hard part.


You know the drill. Ask Galoot and win great prizes!
My question was/is: When will you fix this damn toilet??
Dear Mr.Galoot, this is something I've been asking myself for a long time. I hope you can answer it. Why is it when people with accents (Australian, Irish, English...) sing, they lose their accents?
thanks, I found your anwer to my question very... interesting :)
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